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The Commemoration of 22 years of Jethro Civil Diplomat in Milan – Italy – at Palazzo Moriggia in the Museo del Risorgimento. The international event welcomed Civil Diplomats Jethro from
Dr. Nidaa Sabbagh Mr Yu Xiong Mr Bruno Costa

London – United Kingdom: European Director Bruno Costa meets with Area Coordinator Civil Diplomat Jethro Dra. Nidaa Sabbagh

Dra. Nidaa Sabbagh London Area Coordinator is a Political Scientist with 30 years of wide-ranging experience and accomplishments in MENA affairs. She is a fully respected political analyst and advisor
Mr. Bruno Romeu Milan area coordinatos and wife

Milan – Italy: Civil Diplomat Mr. Bruno Romeo takes over as Area Coordinator of Milan.

Italy is the cradle of the humanitarian ideal, the historical site where humanitarian actions started. Italy is the place where the Battle of Solferino happened in June 24, 1959, in
Image of naturarruda exposition front page

Portugal – Naturarruda Exhibition created by Civil Diplomat David Silva in favor of a healthier and more natural life in Arruda dos Vinhos

Taking care of physical and mental health, to maintain and enhance the energy of each human being has become fundamental nowadays. Civilian diplomat David Silva took the initiative to hold
Image of armistice of the first world war jethro civil diplomat

Belgium: Brussells – Which holiday is celebrated on November in Europe?

November 11th is Armistice Day and the End of the First World War Armistice – Europe celebrates the Armistice of the First World War, signed on November 11, 1918, in

Portugal – Civil Diplomat Jethro José Geraldo Colonel of the Portuguese Armed Forces with his new book “The French Invasions and the Lines of Torres: 1807 – 1811”

It was not surprising that the French invasions provoked such fascination in national historiography. The Civil Diplomat Jethro supported leading to the viability of the production and distribution of the
Image of new years eve fireworks

2023 – Make a career of humanity. You will make a better person of yourself and a greater nation of your country

The start of this new year brings great expectations regarding creating new opportunities for humanitarian work across Europe.   We want to bring that humanitarian gaze to the year 2023,
Image of Francesco Tambasco donation action to children

Italy: Milan – Civil and Humanitarian Diplomats Jethro Francesco Tambasco and Bruno Romeo organizing the distribution of toys and food to children this Christmas

We are all well aware of the problematic situation the community is experiencing today in the northern suburbs of Milan. We chose this neighborhood, and via Pandova because it is
Image of Mr Patrick Van den Eede on the left at the European Parliament

Belgium: Brussels – Civil Diplomat Jethro Dr. Patrick Van den Eede attends the Global Food Crisis Conference at the European Parliament

When agricultural operations are sustainably managed, the sector can help protect watersheds, and improve soil health and water quality. Agriculture is the world’s largest industry, employing more than one billion
Imagem de Omid Asgari Presidente Marcelo-Rabelo de Sousa e Mostafa Darvishi

Congratulations to the Civil Diplomat Jethro Omid Asgari nominated for the Best Start-Up Award at Web Summit Portugal and Unicorn Lisbon Award

Omid Asgari Civil Diplomat Jethro and the President Marcelo Rebelo at the Web Summit Portugal. Omid Asgari is a Jethro Civil Diplomat, Professor at the School of Business of Economics
RSNA 2022 Banner

USA – Chicago: Civil Diplomat Nuno Covacich attends RSNA 2022 the Global Radiology Forum

RSNA 2022 is the Global Radiology Forum 108th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting for the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago. Civil Diplomat Jethro Nuno Covacich will attend the
Children assisted by the project in Mozambique

Africa – Mozambique: European Civil Diplomat Moves Forward with Children’s Aid Center

Civil Diplomat Dr. Helessandro Oliver has been developing, for many years, a humanitarian project to aid children in Mozambique – Africa.   In the beginning, the project served an average
Photo of camera view jethro making of scaled

Jethro Civil Diplomats Together Preparing the New Content for Europe. Watch the Making Of

Civil Diplomats Jethro from different European countries gathered to the making of the new content of Civil Diplomacy exclusively for Europe. Throughout the entire pleasant day, Civil Diplomats Jethro from
Photo of WCC Germany 2022 Hillert scaled

Germany – President of Germany and Gerson Freire Civil Diplomat Jethro at the World Council in Germany

Gerson Freire Civil Diplomat Jethro at the Worldwide 14th Assembly in Germany. The event expresses solidarity and urges advocacy for the human rights and self-determination of Indigenous Peoples worldwide. The
Photo of Mr. Yehuda Hochmann Martin Luther King Award

Israeli Lieutenant Colonel Yehuda Hochmann Received Martin Luther King Award at Jethro Civil Diplomat

Israeli Lieutenant Colonel Yehuda Edmond Hochmann received top recognition from Civil Diplomat Jethro Israeli Lieutenant Colonel Yehuda Edmond Hochmann received top recognition from Civil Diplomat Jethro – The Martin Luther
Photo of Jethro na Esplanada do Congresso Nacional em Brasilia

Brazil – The Embalmed Heart from the King of Portugal D. Pedro IV was received in Brazil – European Director of the Jethro Civil Diplomat and the President of Portugal attended the Ceremony.

The celebrations of the 200 years of the country’s independence and the received of The Kings Heart from Portugal D. Pedro IV. On a visit to Brazil and the National

Belgium – We thank Your Majesty, King Philippe for the invitation directed to the Jethro Civil Diplomat

Jethro Civil Diplomacy at the Celebration of the Belgian National Day. We thank Your Majesty, King Philippe of Belgium, for the invitation directed to the Jethro Civil Diplomat and the
Photo of Ms. Francesca Giobbi giving an interview

United Kingdom – Civil Diplomacy Jethro International at the House of Lords British Parliament

Directly from the UK at the House of Lords a Collaborative Circular Economy Event. Directly from the United Kingdom, at the House of Lords of the English Parliament, the Civil

Brussels – Jethro Establishing the World Headquarters of Civil Diplomat Jethro.Org and Visiting the European Parliament, the European Commission and NATO.

Civil Diplomat Jethro.Org World Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium. It took six days of hard work and many contacts to define the strategic location of Civil Diplomat Jethro.Org in Brussels. The
Photo of congratulations to the author colonel José Geraldo

Portugal – Civil Diplomacy Jethro Supports Culture at the National Palace of Mafra

Civil Diplomat Dr. José Geraldo Author of the Book Amor & Saudade at the Nacional Palace of Mafra. We congratulate Civil Diplomat Jethro, Dr. Colonel José Geraldo at the launch
Photo of Mr. Bruno Costa European Director of Jethro

Jethro International in an Interview with Exclusive Magazine

Civil Diplomat Jethro and European Director in an Interview by Exklusive Magazine. In the Entrepreneurship Dossier of the Exklusive Magazine, the Interview with Jethro: the principal organization of humanitarian civil
Photo of Dr. Bartosz Królikowski receives Martin Luther King Award

Poland – Recognition for Promoting Health: a Human and Humanitarian Act

Honorary Event with Martin Luther King Award in Recognition of Actions that Promote Health. Dr. Bartosz Królikowski, President of DuoLife, the most representative company in the healthcare sector in Europe,
Photo of Mr. Bruno Costa gives Mr. Patrick Huart the souvenir book of his institution

Brussels – The Ceremony Commemorating the 64th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and the founding of the EU

In Brussels Jethro International Civil Diplomats Commemorating the 64th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and the Founding of the EU. Celebration of the 64th anniversary of the Treaty of
Photo of Dr. Bruno Costa European Director of Civil Diplomacy Jethro and his team at Ukraine

Ukraine – Jethro Civil Diplomats Support Rescue of Refugees from the Confronting Zone

Support for the Rescue of Ukrainian Women and Children by a Team of Civil Diplomats Jethro. Under the coordination of Dr. Bruno Costa, European Director of Civil Diplomacy Jethro, the
Photo of Mr.-Bruno Costa and Mr. Nuno de Carvalho at Castle Nuovo

Italy – Graduation Ceremony of New Civil Diplomats Jethro at Castel Nuovo in Naples

Martin Luther King Award – Maximum Recognition Given to a Civil Diplomat Jethro at Castel Nuovo in Naples. Naples, Italy, hosted the graduation ceremony for the new Civil Diplomats Jethro.
Photo of Mr. Renato Freire with Mrs. Rita Fortunato Baptista the European Union for Innovation and Social .jpeg

Portugal – President of Civil Diplomacy Jethro International at the Social Economy Europe

Jethro International in Social Economy Europe Largest National Meeting and Forum Dedicated to Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation. Social Economy Europe is the voice of 2.8 million social economy enterprises and
Photo of Civil Diplomat Jethro Yasmin Volpato

Italy – Yasmin Volpato, Civil Diplomat, Provides Humanitarian Support in Turin During the Covid19 Pandemic

Yasmin Volpato the Influencer and Creator of the Never Alone Project @officialnerveralone Gives Humanitarian Support in Turin During the Covid19 Pandemic. Italy went through a severe lockdown due to the
photo of francesca giobbi civil diplomat jethro

Finland – Francesca Giobbi Civil Diplomat Jethro Founder of Circular Economy Ecosystem

See How Freedomee a Circular Economy Ecosystem Can Reach and Help Thousands of Social Projects. Do you know what the word collabocracy means? Francesca Giobbi, Civil Diplomat Jethro and founder
Photo of the Civil Diplomat Jethro Tiago Casagrande and his team

Ukraine – Watch Now Tiago Casagrande Civil Diplomat Jethro In Loco Doing Humanitarian Work

Civil Diplomat Jethro’s Humanitarian Work Facilitates Access to Consumer Goods in the middle of the Economic Problems in Ukraine. Tiago Casagrande lives in Kyiv and faces the challenge of humanitarian
Photo of Yasmin Volpato Civil Diplomat Jethro

England – Yasmin Volpato, Jethro Civil Diplomat, Influencer and Founder of @NeverAlone Project

Yasmin Volpato – Social Influencer and Jethro Civil Diplomat – in a Social Action for Ukraine. It is the right time to engage in Social Actions! Yasmin Volpato @yasminvolpato, Civil
Jethro Civil Diplomacy cultural evento Cassino Estoril

Portugal – Civil Diplomacy Jethro Values Culture at Casino Estoril in Portugal

Launch Event Caminho dos Sentimentos a poetry work at Casino Estoril in Portugal. At the largest casino in Europe, the launch event of the literary work Path of Feelings –