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Photo of Jethro Civil Diplomats at the 10 Year Celebration of King Philippe Rein Belgium

Mr. Bruno Costa, Mr. Patrick Van Den Eede, and Mr. Chamas Awad attended the celebration of the 10-year reign of King Philippe in Belgium

Brussels: Jethro Directors Celebrating the 10-Year of King Philippe’s Rein in Belgium.

On this 21 July 2023, in addition to the National Day, Belgium celebrated the 10 years of the reign of King Philippe and Queen Mathilde, a decade marked by the sobriety and efficiency of sovereigns.

And the national celebration at the Place des Palais de Bruxelles starts with a parade of the armed forces, civil emergency services, and security forces.

The Cathedral of Saints-Michels-et-Gudule is the venue for major royal events, including Philippe and Mathilde’s wedding in 1999. The Te Deum in the presence of the royal family is organized twice a year, once for National Day, July 21st, and November 15th, King’s Day.


Heads of State, Authorities, Vatican Representatives, and Ambassadors

At this event attended, as authorities,  Mr. Bruno Costa European Director of Jethro Civil Diplomat, Mr. Patrick Van Den Eede Benelux Director of Jethro Civil Diplomat, and Mr. Chamas Awad the National Director of Civil Diplomacy Jethro in Senegal, Côte d’Ivoire, and the Persian Gulf.

Alongside Mr. Patrick Huart Secretary General at IEI Image de L’Europe and the Prime Minister of Belgium Mr. Alexander De Croo.

Together with Heads of State, Vatican Representative, Heads of Security Forces, and Ambassadors.

Side by side, King Philippe and Queen Mathilde of Belgium. Behind them, smiling, are the faces of their children, Prince Gabriel, Princess Éléonore, Princess Élisabeth, and Prince Emmanuel.

Surrounded by his fellow citizens, the King of the Belgians celebrated his ten years of reign in a cheerful and lively atmosphere.

A mixture of emotion, joy, and recognition that the sovereign enjoyed with his family.


The Kings Philippe Discourse

Brussels: Jethro European Director and Benelux Director in the 10-Year Celebration of King Philippe’s reign from Belgium.

During his commemorative speech, King Philippe praised the efforts of Queen Mathilde and emphasized the strong spirit of solidarity in the country. He highlighted various human qualities such as generosity and care toward those facing difficulties.

He also mentioned the challenges of climate change, the preservation of biodiversity, the energy transition, the proper use of artificial intelligence, social justice, the fair reception of migrants, the aging population, and trust in institutions and democracy.

“For this, we must value our model of society and the human qualities that characterize it, even more so we must develop this model and its qualities within the scope of our commitment in Europe and the world.

The 2030 generation, with its sensitivity, critical spirit, and talents, will soon be entering active life. Let us work together to prepare for the future, utilizing all that makes Belgium strong”.




Communication Civil Diplomat Jethro

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