Israeli Lieutenant Colonel Yehuda Hochmann Received Martin Luther King Award at Jethro Civil Diplomat

Photo of Mr. Yehuda Hochmann Martin Luther King Award

Israeli Lieutenant Colonel Yehuda Edmond Hochmann received top recognition from Civil Diplomat Jethro

Israeli Lieutenant Colonel Yehuda Edmond Hochmann received top recognition from Civil Diplomat Jethro – The Martin Luther King Award in honor of Mr. King Jr.’s memory who received the Nobel Peace Prize for Human Rights, due to the years of work dedicated to guiding countless people in defense of peace, respect for others, and privileging love.


Brazil – The Embalmed Heart from the King of Portugal D. Pedro IV was received in Brazil – European Director of the Jethro Civil Diplomat and the President of Portugal attended the Ceremony.

Photo of Jethro na Esplanada do Congresso Nacional em Brasilia

The celebrations of the 200 years of the country’s independence and the received of The Kings Heart from Portugal D. Pedro IV.

On a visit to Brazil and the National Congress, the European Director of Civil Diplomat Jethro, Dr. Bruno Costa, participated in the Handover of the Heart of King Pedro IV, known as Pedro I in Brazil, to the President of Brazil in August this year.

The President of the Republic of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa attended the Ceremony that showcased an air show and State Honors.

The Heart of the King kept in the Lapa Church in Porto, Portugal, was handed over to Brazil as part of the celebrations of the 200 years of the country’s independence.


Belgium – We thank Your Majesty, King Philippe for the invitation directed to the Jethro Civil Diplomat

Jethro Civil Diplomacy at the Celebration of the Belgian National Day.

We thank Your Majesty, King Philippe of Belgium, for the invitation directed to the Jethro Civil Diplomat and the President of The Soul of Europe , Dr. Patrick Van den Eede, for the celebration of the Belgian National Day: celebrated since 21 July 1831, a date that dates back to the day when Leopold I took the constitutional oath and became the 1st King of Belgium. We congratulate Dr. Patrick Van den Eede for his speech representing our organisation Jethro in Europe, as well as the European Director Mr. Bruno Costa.


United Kingdom – Civil Diplomacy Jethro International at the House of Lords British Parliament

Photo of Ms. Francesca Giobbi giving an interview

Directly from the UK at the House of Lords a Collaborative Circular Economy Event.

Directly from the United Kingdom, at the House of Lords of the English Parliament, the Civil Diplomat and CEO of the FreedomeE platform Francesca Giobbi promoted the hybrid event about Collaborative Circular Economy.

The forum presented discussions about for innovation and sustainability. The topics covered Humanizing the Economy, Collaborative Economy, Environmental Education, Inclusion through Sport, and Humanizing Technology.

During the event, Mrs. Francesca Giobbi, was granted with the maximum recognition of the Jethro International Civil Diplomacy – Martin Luther King Award, for the relevant services provided in humanitarian causes.

One of the Jethro´s goals is to identify relevant leaders in society with participatory practices in social actions. According to Bruno Costa, Director of Europe Jethro International, the work developed by Ms. Francesca Giobbi has a high degree of social responsibility, as it directs resources to various philanthropic entities.

Civil Diplomat Jethro Venuste Alexandre Nshimiymana, Heads of State, the Queen Representative and representatives of philanthropic entities attended at the event.

Special thanks to Civil Diplomat Jethro Leandro Marcondes for the fundamental support in holding the event. Leandro Marcondes is president and founder of A Success Experience , a company dedicated in personal, professional and financial development. Organizer of international lectures with references in the business world, such as T. Harv Eker, Jordan Belfort, who inspired the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” and Nick Vujicic.

Brussels – The Ceremony Commemorating the 64th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and the founding of the EU

Photo of Mr. Bruno Costa gives Mr. Patrick Huart the souvenir book of his institution

In Brussels Jethro International Civil Diplomats Commemorating the 64th Anniversary of the Treaty of Rome and the Founding of the EU.

Celebration of the 64th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome signed on March 25, 1957, which established the European Economic Community, with the presence of representatives of the countries that signed the Treaty: Germany, Belgium, France, Italy, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands. Also present were the European Director Jethro Dr. Bruno Costa, and the Director of Civil Diplomat Jethro in Belgium, Dr. Patrick Van den Eede.

Other authorities present at this celebration:
Mrs. Maria-Isabel Gomez-Caro of the European Commission
Colonel Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Honorary Commander of the Royal Escort.
Mr. Claude Scohier (European Commission)
Mr. Michel Theunissen, General Auditor FPS Finance
Mr. Patrick Huart, General Executive Secretary Image of Europe
Mr. Jean-Marie Amand, Honorary Vice-President of the Brussels City Council,
Mr. Ali Elouze, Councilor to the Mayor of Brussels
Mrs. Herry, European Court of Auditors, Luxembourg
Mrs. Olga Bobrovnikova, virtuoso pianist and Mr Mossman
Mr. Regis Wilsens, Secretary General of the Soul of Europe and
Mr. Andrej Pakulsky, President of the Poland Foundation;
Ms. Olga Bobrovnikova and President Patrick Van den Eede