Finland – Francesca Giobbi Civil Diplomat Jethro Founder of Circular Economy Ecosystem

photo of francesca giobbi civil diplomat jethro

See How Freedomee a Circular Economy Ecosystem Can Reach and Help Thousands of Social Projects.

Do you know what the word collabocracy means?

Francesca Giobbi, Civil Diplomat Jethro and founder of the, a Circular Economy ecosystem, explains that “COLLABOCRACY FREEDOMEE” is to rebuild democracy through collaboration in economic and social relations, local and global.

The organization directs the percentage of all business transactions to hundreds of social projects. In this way, anyone can launch their product or service within the platform and choose the social institution that will receive the percentage of donations.

We all thanks the actions of the Civil Diplomat Jethro Francesca Giobbi for the financial resources allocated to the humanitarian proposal in support of Ukrainian refugees coordinated by Jethro International Civil Diplomacy.