Ukraine – Jethro Civil Diplomats Support Rescue of Refugees from the Confronting Zone

Photo of Dr. Bruno Costa European Director of Civil Diplomacy Jethro and his team at Ukraine

Support for the Rescue of Ukrainian Women and Children by a Team of Civil Diplomats Jethro.

Under the coordination of Dr. Bruno Costa, European Director of Civil Diplomacy Jethro, the team of civil diplomats from several European countries followed in caravans taking donations to the border between Poland and Ukraine for humanitarian aid.

Some caravans were monitored 24 hours throughout the trip with a GPS tracking service and radio communicators from the Jethro Support Center. During this journey, many Jethro civil diplomats assisted the teams by providing room and board.

The caravans returned with refugee women and children from conflict zones to the countries that legally welcomed and received them. We thank the numerous Civil Diplomats Jethro Lawyers who made themselves available in the documentation issues of the welcomed families.

Photos by: Fernanda Jacinto