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England – Yasmin Volpato, Jethro Civil Diplomat, Influencer and Founder of @NeverAlone Project

Photo of Yasmin Volpato Civil Diplomat Jethro

Yasmin Volpato – Social Influencer and Jethro Civil Diplomat – in a Social Action for Ukraine.

It is the right time to engage in Social Actions! Yasmin Volpato @yasminvolpato, Civil Diplomat Jethro, influencer and creator of the Never Alone Project @officialneveralone is a TV presenter and model, famous for her posts about fashion, travel, family, and lifestyle.

She is also very active in social causes and in this action, from London, she organized support for Ukrainians by collecting donations that were sent in humanitarian aid.

The Civil Humanitarian Diplomat Jethro is accredited by international law, which allows him/her to act in society, on all continents, to attend and mediate conflicts, as well as to present proposals concerning the interests of citizens in relation to the State, Government, security forces and private entities.

It is a free diplomatic action, beyond the spheres of state, present in a multipolar space, where interpersonal relations rise to a preponderant place. Diplomacy, nowadays, is less in a sphere of government than in a logic of influence.


Communication Civil Diplomat Jethro
Jethro International’s Communications Department curates the most relevant information about the actions of humanitarian civilian diplomats around the world. Stay up to date, follow and share your actions with us! Please contact us at
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