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Jethro is a Civil and Humanitarian Diplomat – Chaplain accredited by international law, which allows you to act in the society of all continents to attend and mediate conflicts, as well as make proposals regarding the interests of citizens in the relationship with the State, Government, security forces and private entities.

Thus, with the accreditation and seals of Jethro International, the Civil Humanitarian Diplomat – Chaplain can act in various areas: Judiciary, business, school, sports, tragedy environments, prisons, hospital, veterinary, artistic and cultural, among others.

You as a Civil Humanitarian Diplomat – Chaplain have legitimacy as an established LEGAL AUTHORITY in over 150 countries, which gives you more access and fluidity to develop your own projects.

Civil diplomats from various segments are connected to Jethro: businessmen, lawyers, judges, doctors, nurses, religious leaders, policemen, politicians, firemen, first-aid workers, teachers, psychologists, etc.

Jethro international is established through its Civil Diplomats in over one hundred and fifty countries, and relates to different government regimes and their legal representatives. Our code of ethics positions us one step ahead of dogmatic religious and party-political issues. It is worth mentioning that the role of Civil Diplomats is to relate to established authorities to mediate the dialogue between society’s interests and governmental and public security bodies, in order to guarantee biopsychosocial care.

Requirements: over 18 years old, with the goal of transforming society in one of its many ways.

460€ + iva 23%