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Italy – Graduation Ceremony of New Civil Diplomats Jethro at Castel Nuovo in Naples

Photo of Mr.-Bruno Costa and Mr. Nuno de Carvalho at Castle Nuovo

Martin Luther King Award – Maximum Recognition Given to a Civil Diplomat Jethro at Castel Nuovo in Naples.

Naples, Italy, hosted the graduation ceremony for the new Civil Diplomats Jethro. On the occasion, Civil Diplomats Dr. Jorge da Silva, Dr. Nuno Carvalho and Dr. Pietro Ioia received the Martin Luther King Award, the highest recognition of our institution.

The event took place at Castel Nuovo, in the beautiful Sala dei Baroni, a historic and tourist site. The solemn atmosphere is the Castle’s most famous and is called the “Sala dei Baroni” because in 1486, the barons who took part in the conspiracy against Ferrante I of Aragon, then King of Naples, were arrested.

Recognition was given for humanitarian work in Naples prisons with donations of ventilators. The ceremony was translated from italian to english and portuguese languages by Ms. Luciana Rodrigues, also a Civil Diplomat Jethro.

Thanks are due to the Hon. Mr. Dr. Luigi De Magistris, Mayor of the Commune of Naples for the invitation to Civil Diplomacy Jethro to perform the ceremonial act in Castel Nuovo. In addition to the presence of Mr. Giovani Pagano, Counselor for Labor Policies, Development, and Autonomy of the City of Naples.


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