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Photo of Jethro Civil Diplomat at Solferino 2023

In Italy, the 2023 Solferino Celebration gathers more than 5,000 Volunteers.


The Solferino Celebration gathers a crowd with more than 5,000 volunteers for the historic torchlight procession which, every year, celebrates the birth of the humanitarian actions, inspired by Henry Dunant during the Battle of Solferino after 164 years.

The history of Henry Dunant and the Battle of Solferino is central to the beginning of humanitarian work around the world and is part of Jethro’s Civil Diplomat training content.


The Battle of Solferino and the Beginning of the Humanitarian Work

As everyone knows, the Battle of Solferino has been hailed as a milestone for humanitarian work.

According to Mr. Robert Mardini, Director General of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), thanks to the visionary idea of Henry Dunant, and the horrors of his witness, humanitarian work could be started.


Since The Battle of Solferino, We Can All Make a Difference

Today, it is up to each of us to act to help make the world better every day. We can all make a difference.

The President Emeritus of the Italian Red Cross, Mr. Francesco Rocca recognized the volunteer’s work, especially, those who had the extraordinary idea of remaking the roads that took the wounded to field hospitals during the Battle of Solferino.


The Celebration of Solferino 2023: From Italy to All of the World

It’s good to see that after a long time, this square sees more and more people present, volunteers, from Italy and from all over the world.

What we are is what we learn, driving ambulances, and delivering packages, we are exactly what we have been doing in our cities, in national and international emergencies. We face the challenges of today but also those of tomorrow.

The Civil Diplomats from Jethro in Italy Mr. Nuno Carvalho and Mrs. Adriane Santos also enjoyed the Celebration of Solferino 2023.


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