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Photo of Marco Schiesaro with Helen Gnocchi, Grancesca Benciolini and Nuno Carvalho at Padua

Italy is within Brazil, and the Commune of Padua receives the Honorary Consul of Brazil Your Excellence Mrs. Helen Gnocchi.


On the other side of the ocean, there is a small Italian world that was born from the increased immigration from Italy to Brazil, in particular between 1875 and 1914, leaving a cultural legacy that still unites the two countries today.

These are the words of the Honorary Consul of Brazil Mrs. Helen Gnocchi in the book Dall’altra parte dell’Oceano l’immigrazione Italiana : un incontro tra Brasile e Italia (2021) which met with the Brazilian community of Padua.

The initiative is part of the Le Città in Festa – Italy at Civic Center via Sernaglia with Brazilian folk music by Mara D’Ambruoso.

In addition to cultural fraternity, the purpose of the meeting was to inform about the Honorary Consulate of Veneto and to present the available consular services.

On the occasion, there was also a debate on support for proposals for cultural initiatives.

Italy is inside Brazil (…) because the Brazilian heart has this Italian brother inside who screams every time he hears the name: ITALY, as a poem traveling through the wind.

The Advisor of the Comune of Padova Mrs. Francesca Benciolini on behalf of the Mayor of the Comune of Padova Mr. Sergio Giordani attended the meeting.

Also, the Mayor of the Comune of Cadoneghe, Mr. Marco Schiesaro, Prof. Dr. Sandra Bagno from the University of Padua, Mrs. Carla Bottino from the Grupo Mulheres do Brasil in Milan, and the Civil Diplomats Jethro Sr. Nuno Carvalho, and Mrs. Adriane Santos.

The event featured lectures on Mental Health During Maternity Leave by Amanda Mochi, and Financial Education as a Tool for Autonomy by Shirlei Soar es and Massimo Bandiera.

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