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Photo of Renato Rodyner Civl Diplomat Jethro 2023

Renato Rodyner Civil Diplomat Jethro creates a unique and spectacular piece for MERCEDES-BENS RETAIL in Europe.


MERCEDES-BENS RETAIL Europe chooses Renato Rodyner – Civil Diplomat Jethro and Renowned Plastic Artist.

Renato Rodyner is a European-based Jethro Civil Diplomat and distinguished plastic artist with a unique and modern aesthetic.

Renato has a strong influence from pop culture and urban art. He uses diverse techniques and materials, from painting and sculpture to photography and video art.

His works are known for presenting a fusion between the real and imaginary world, creating a unique and surprising universe.

Additionally, in 2023, the Civil Diplomat was honored and received the Immigrant Merit Award at the Assembly of the Republic in Lisbon.


New Mercedes-Benz EQS SUV Combines Art and Concept

That’s why MERCEDES-BENZ RETAIL invited Renato Rodyner to launch the EQS SUV concept car that combines the art, luxury, and elegance of the new 100% electric model.

As a result, the artistic intervention transformed the EQS SUV into a work of art on wheels under Rodyner’s creativity and artistic vision.

The EQS SUV exhibition took place at the National Society of Fine Arts at Lisbon.


R. Rodyner Gallery

Rodyner showcased his artwork in galleries and museums worldwide and has been honored with awards in Budapest, Moscow, and Liechtenstein.

In Cascais, he maintains the R. Rodyner Gallery at Casa da Guia where he exhibits artists from around the world.

His works are also part of public and private collections such as those of Pierre Cardin Lacoste, Marquis de Sade Castle, Princess Estefani, Luís de Nobrega, Tereza Bueno, Lili Marinho among others.


MERCEDES-BENZ RETAIL Europe Chooses Renato Rodyner

MERCEDES-BENZ RETAIL and R. Rodyner Gallery entered into a partnership to exhibit at the Sales Show from Concessionário.

Mercedes-Benz Retail aims to provide a different experience for customers and visitors.


Arte351 Magazine and TV Shows

An artist, painter, and journalist, Renato Rodyner co-founded Arte351 Magazine.

The magazine aims to promote the internationalization of contemporary art and present avant-garde trends.

Renato Rodyner hosted several TV programs where he interviews international celebrities from the arts world.



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