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Milan – Italy: Civil Diplomat Mr. Bruno Romeo takes over as Area Coordinator of Milan.

Mr. Bruno Romeu Milan area coordinatos and wife

Italy is the cradle of the humanitarian ideal, the historical site where humanitarian actions started.

Italy is the place where the Battle of Solferino happened in June 24, 1959, in the Italian Commune of the Lombardy region.

At the time Henri Dunant immediately organized a first aid service for wounded soldiers. This experience resulted in the creation of an international organization that would improve living conditions and provides assistance to war victims. The International Committee for the Relief of Wounded Soldiers changed its name in 1875 to the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC).

Civilian Diplomat Mr. Bruno Romeo General Secretary of the Workers Union National Headquarters is now also the Area Coordinator of Civil Diplomat Jethro in Milan – Italy. The diplomat is also a Security Officer and Coordinator of the Ecozoofil Environmental Guard, working in social reception.

Communication Civil Diplomat Jethro

O Departamento de Comunicações da Jethro International organiza as informações mais relevantes sobre as ações de diplomatas civis humanitários em todo o mundo. Fique por dentro, acompanhe e compartilhe conosco suas ações! Entre em contato conosco em

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