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Photo of Civil Diplomat Jethro Mrs. Sônia Crisóstomo

Sônia Crisóstomo is a Civil Diplomat and Coordinator of Mulheres que Cruzaram Oceanos


Paris: Civil Diplomat Jethro, Mrs. Sônia Crisóstomo Releases New Book at Le Carrousel du Louvre Museum.

Mulheres que Cruzaram Oceanos – (Women Crossing Oceans) release on this October 22nd, at Le Carrousel du Louvre, Paris.

A story written by many hands Mulheres que Cruzaram Oceanos – (Women Crossing Oceans) is coordinated by Sônia Crisóstomo and Yeda Fernal.

The book shows the life stories of 21 female executives and entrepreneurs from different continents, based on true events: Europe, Africa, Latin America, and the USA.

So, these women not only physically crossed oceans when they migrated to their destination countries.

But they also share their personal experiences and how they overcame the challenges they faced in their lives.

These challenges were like metaphorical oceans that they had to navigate.

More over, the book is filled with exciting and inspiring content that will leave you feeling moved and motivated.


Mrs. Sônia Crisóstomo Releases New Book at Le Carrousel du Louvre Museum

Edition by the Divine Académie Française des Arts Lettres et Culture

The Divine Académie Française des Arts Lettres et Culture, in Paris, is under the aegis of the journalist, writer, editor, producer, and President Mrs. Diva Pavesi.

According to Mrs. Diva Pavesi, the Divine Académie Française des Arts Lettres et Culture is an academic institution that also recognizes the humanitarian work of its members.

Mrs. Diva Pavesi is also the President of Divine Productions International, a Franco-Brazilian Cultural NGO whose mission is to defend and disseminate Brazilian arts, culture, and tourism in France and Europe.

The NGO carries out cultural activities to support children in Brazil and Africa.


More About Sônia Crisóstomo Civil Diplomat Jethro

“I’m a nomadic spirit, and I’ve always thought the world was too big to live in one place.”

Due to her own life story, Sonia decided to study neuroscience and research more about the impact of emotions on people’s lives.

In her research, she delves into how happiness is built from childhood and how early disappointments play a crucial role in our journey toward learning how to be happy.

True happiness is found in our ability to face pain and disappointment. It is about how we navigate through these moments and where our pursuit of happiness takes us.

In her work, the author always seeks to emphasize the importance of honest relationships in the family.

between parents and children, and the construction of a true friendship.

The author has 30 years of experience in large corporations, managing teams in the various areas of Information Technology.

And she was also or responsible for multinationals in Brazil.


Civil Diplomat Jethro, Mrs. Sônia Crisóstomo

Sonia started writing and getting involved in literary projects due to a provocation from her family, especially from one of her daughters.

It was when they talked about the relationship between the demanding parameters of current female beauty and the pseudo-happiness.

Happiness that is not genuine and fades away when exposed to water. – Mom, you should write about this topic: happiness!

That’s when all the research began and, since that moment, Sônia is the author of several works, including:

  • Coletânea de Pensamentos V. 1 – Collection of Thoughts V. 1
  • Escolha a Felicidade – Choose Happiness
  • O Encanto do Sereio – The Mr. Siren’s Charm
  • Mais que Hipnose, É Amor Próprio – More than Hypnosis, It’s Self Love

The release of Mulheres que Cruzaram Oceanos is on this October 22nd, at Le Carrousel du Louvre Museum.

We are all invited to witness this beautiful Event&Meeting in Paris!

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