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Photo of Civil Diplomats from Jethro and Credentials for Humanitarian Actions

At the Official Residence of Prof. Dra. Helena Carreiras Minister of National Defense of Portugal Jethro Civil Diplomats Celebrates


New Civil Diplomats from Jethro and Martin Luther King Award were celebrated at the official residence of Her Excellency the Portuguese Minister of National Defense Profa. Dra. Helena Carreiras, at the historic spot of São Julião da Barra Fort.

The Jethro Civil Diplomat’s Mission

Jethro Civil Diplomat’s mission is to engage leaders from all ways of society and, through Humanitarian Civil Diplomacy, providing them with legal standing and acknowledge for their initiatives.

Therefore, they can act in society and inspire change on multiple fronts, with emphasis on humanitarian, social, environmental, health and economic issues.


Being a Civil Diplomat means to be the protagonist of solutions to the biggest challenges of the 21st century

Jethro Civil Diplomat Director in Portugal Colonel José Geraldo was the host for the solemnity table.

The Colonel presented the  historical perspective of Napoleonic Invasions in The French Invasions and the Lines of Torres and how they are related to São Julião da Barra Fort.

At the solemnity table also attended the Jethro Civil Diplomat Director Benelux based in Brussels, Mr. Patrick Van den Eede, President of The Soul of Europe.

Mr Van den Eede, during his speech, said that he would speak about Jethro Civil Diplomat with genuine words straight from his heart.

The Jethro Civil Diplomat Org. is a beating heart and an alive organism in Europe

That was a stated by Mr. Patrick Van den Eede, saying that he takes pleasure in being a part of this organization, which unites those involved in humanitarian aid across Europe.

During the ceremony, twenty-four new Jethro Civil Diplomats were certified following: Mrs. Alessandra Pereira – 7549, Mr. Alfredo Rocha – 7428, Mrs. Angélica Pimenta – 7588, Mr. Augusto Silva -7448, Mrs. Claudia Pontes – 7316, Mrs. Ellenor Baker – 7572, Mrs. Elsa Melancia – 7491, Mr. Fábio Fratucci – 4415, Mrs. Gilda Hopffer – 7573, Mrs. Gislene Peres – 7595, Mrs. Janine Barbosa – 7388, Mrs. Joana Duarte – 7436, Mr. Jorge Melo – 7579, Mr. Jorge Santos – 7578, Mr. Luis Pimenta – 7587, Mrs. Maria Zomer – 7466, Mr. Mateus Amaral – 7594, Mrs. Patricia Nacif – 7453, Mr. Rafael Nacif – 7427, Mr. Renato Rodyner – 7444, Mr. Ricardo Lima – 7399, Mrs. Risane Freitas – 7576, Mr. Sergio Santos – 7480, Mrs. Sonia Silva – 7415, and Mrs. Thais Lucas – 7451

We would like to express our sincere gratitude to the Jethro Civil Diplomat Mr. Ricardo Lima in Portugal for the recognition of human rights activists in our country.


Jethro Civil Diplomat’s top recommendation for leaders in society recalls Dr. Martin Luther King

The Martin Luther King Heart Medal is given to the civilians protagonist of human and humanitarian causes. In this occasion the honorees were:

  • Mr. João Pedro Coelho De Castro, Member of the Cascais Fire Station and PSP Agent.
  • Mr. Idálio Jorge Dias Simão, Second Commander of the Cascais Fire Station and PSP Agent.
  • Mr. César Fernando Carreira Ribeiro as a representative of Bishop Domingos Siqueira for humanitarian actions across Europe.


We are the sum of what each one is and what each one does

We thank Mrs. Catarina Costa Macedo and Sergeant João Gomes for allowing the ceremony to take place in this historic spot protected by the Military Forces of Portugal.

The European Director from Jethro the Civil Diplomat Mr. Bruno Costa, currently on a mission in Saudi Arabia.

And we also thanks to Mrs. Helena Fonseca, Diplomata Civil da Jethro, for her brilliant performance at this event.

This event consolidates the veritas of the Jethro Civil Diplomat: we are the sum of what each one is and what each one does.

Images by: Luiza

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