Belgium – We thank Your Majesty, King Philippe for the invitation directed to the Jethro Civil Diplomat

Jethro Civil Diplomacy at the Celebration of the Belgian National Day.

We thank Your Majesty, King Philippe of Belgium, for the invitation directed to the Jethro Civil Diplomat and the President of The Soul of Europe , Dr. Patrick Van den Eede, for the celebration of the Belgian National Day: celebrated since 21 July 1831, a date that dates back to the day when Leopold I took the constitutional oath and became the 1st King of Belgium. We congratulate Dr. Patrick Van den Eede for his speech representing our organisation Jethro in Europe, as well as the European Director Mr. Bruno Costa.


Portugal – Civil Diplomacy Jethro Supports Culture at the National Palace of Mafra

Photo of congratulations to the author colonel José Geraldo

Civil Diplomat Dr. José Geraldo Author of the Book Amor & Saudade at the Nacional Palace of Mafra.

We congratulate Civil Diplomat Jethro, Dr. Colonel José Geraldo at the launch the relevant literary work Amor & Saudade (Love & Missing in english).

The Diplomat Colonel José Geraldo holds a degree in Military Science from the Military Academy, a Master’s in Military History, and a Ph.D. in Defense, History, and International Relations from the Military Academy and ISCTE.

He is also the author of The Napoleonic Invasions – From the Royal Family’s Ida to Brazil to the Torres Lines: 1807-1811, one of the references work for the making of the movie Lines of Wellington.

The presentation by the famous actor and friend of the author João de Carvalho was magnificent. The event was attended by the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Portugal and the Minister of Defence, General Artur Pina Monteiro, a member of NATO’s strategic command.

The launch took place at the Mafra National Palace, also known as the Mafra Convent, with its beautiful architecture in the Baroque style of German and Roman influence. The palace has 1,200 rooms, more than 4,700 doors and windows, 156 staircases, and 29 courtyards and halls. In 2019, the construction was the subject of the work Memorial do Convento, by José Saramago.

Photos by Antônio Costa


Jethro International in an Interview with Exclusive Magazine

Photo of Mr. Bruno Costa European Director of Jethro

Civil Diplomat Jethro and European Director in an Interview by Exklusive Magazine.

In the Entrepreneurship Dossier of the Exklusive Magazine, the Interview with Jethro: the principal organization of humanitarian civil diplomacy in Europe.

E – What services does Jethro perform to support society?
BC – Jethro’s main work, in all the places where it is present, is to encourage the development of projects from each of its Civil Diplomats. Projects can occur through isolated initiatives or in collaboration with other entities. Jethro’s role is not to manage the projects but to contribute to their development and collaborate in their implementation. This strategic alignment, whose role is developed d by the European Director Dr. Bruno Costa, allows for the identification of social needs and the search for the best solution. While working alone or on their projects, each Civil Humanitarian Diplomat receives exchange assistance between the leaders of their network from Jethro. And so, in the different countries, where each one carries out its activity, it can benefit from the experiences that have already been dealt with in similar cases, thus making it possible to obtain greater fluidity and efficiency in solving problems.

E- What does Civil Humanitarian Diplomacy represent?
BC – The Civil Humanitarian Diplomat is an established representative with authority and legitimacy to carry out the extensive and relevant diplomatic dialogue between leaders of different States and Societies, both at public and private levels. Our diplomacy has a different nature from government diplomacy. The role of the Civil Humanitarian Diplomat is to act as an observer in diplomatic meetings to direct participation in recommendations for leaders in matters that concern social and human issues such as politics, health, education, etc.

E – Is Jethro officially recognized? At what conventions?
BC – Based on the concept of chaplaincy, Jethro is recognized by international conventions already consolidated, including in times of war, such as The Geneva Convention. In addition, it has a legal base at The Hague Convention, the Pact of San José of Costa Rica, The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and, in many countries, according to the different Constitutions and dispersed legislation, we have legislation that supports the legality of the intervention of the Civil Diplomat.

E – They organize numerous events and workshops. What is the purpose of these events?
BC – Jethro Internacional events, lectures, and workshop conferences stimulates reflection, pointing to a humanitarian perspective so that society can find the necessary means to become more just, egalitarian, and committed to the principles and ethical values.

In addition, there are diplomas, awards, and public personalities that can receive recognition, as well as the exchange of experience between participants, with one of the main objectives of the events being to make society known, in general terms, for what Jethro is. International, his works, and future projects.

E – Becoming a Civil Diplomat gives you access to what kind of services and opportunities?
BC – Jethro works as a knowledge exchange network. As a member, in addition to the training provided, you will also have a network service that can immediately indicate solutions and access in all aspects. Whether private or public bodies. In addition, the subscribed member of Jethro has several prerogatives of those who hold the title of Civilian Humanitarian Diplomats. It also has a reliable Network that Jethro provides relations with governmental organizations, companies, and the public sectors.

E – They use a very appealing badge. At what circumstances does it make sense to use this badge?
BC – The elements that identify the Civil Humanitarian Diplomat are: an identification card, a leather wallet with an embedded badge and the hanging badge that you can use either on the chest or with the belt. I understand the question refers to the suspended badge. If you see a person using uniform and a badge, there is no doubts that he or she is an authority. With that in mind, the Civil Diplomat badge has the same purpose. Directly, immediately and unequivocally convey that authority is here. That’s why we’ve instructed that our badge is to occasions that somewhat is impossible to carry an identification credential, for example, in a public environment of catastrophe or commotion.

E – Is the organization of Civil Diplomats made up of several leaders from different areas?
BC – In fact, there are several leaders, from all professional areas and linked to Jethro. We have leaders presented in all areas of society, for example: lawyers, judges, business leaders, presidents of humanitarian associations, doctors, among other activities. The reasons for being part of the community are the most diverse. Some want a strong alliance society to give back, in the form of social support, what they accept to have received in general. Other projects expand their capabilities to other locations. And still others whose goal is to aggregate knowledge, and rely on the network provided by Jethro.

Photos by: Fernanda Jacinto

Italy – Graduation Ceremony of New Civil Diplomats Jethro at Castel Nuovo in Naples

Photo of Mr.-Bruno Costa and Mr. Nuno de Carvalho at Castle Nuovo

Martin Luther King Award – Maximum Recognition Given to a Civil Diplomat Jethro at Castel Nuovo in Naples.

Naples, Italy, hosted the graduation ceremony for the new Civil Diplomats Jethro. On the occasion, Civil Diplomats Dr. Jorge da Silva, Dr. Nuno Carvalho and Dr. Pietro Ioia received the Martin Luther King Award, the highest recognition of our institution.

The event took place at Castel Nuovo, in the beautiful Sala dei Baroni, a historic and tourist site. The solemn atmosphere is the Castle’s most famous and is called the “Sala dei Baroni” because in 1486, the barons who took part in the conspiracy against Ferrante I of Aragon, then King of Naples, were arrested.

Recognition was given for humanitarian work in Naples prisons with donations of ventilators. The ceremony was translated from italian to english and portuguese languages by Ms. Luciana Rodrigues, also a Civil Diplomat Jethro.

Thanks are due to the Hon. Mr. Dr. Luigi De Magistris, Mayor of the Commune of Naples for the invitation to Civil Diplomacy Jethro to perform the ceremonial act in Castel Nuovo. In addition to the presence of Mr. Giovani Pagano, Counselor for Labor Policies, Development, and Autonomy of the City of Naples.


Portugal – President of Civil Diplomacy Jethro International at the Social Economy Europe

Photo of Mr. Renato Freire with Mrs. Rita Fortunato Baptista the European Union for Innovation and Social .jpeg

Jethro International in Social Economy Europe Largest National Meeting and Forum Dedicated to Entrepreneurship and Social Innovation.

Social Economy Europe is the voice of 2.8 million social economy enterprises and organizations in Europe. The President of Civil Diplomacy Jethro attended at this national meeting dedicated to entrepreneurship and social innovation.

The event also was attended by the CFOs of Millennium and Montepio Banks for social investments. A

Also present were Mrs. Rita Fortunato Baptista, responsible for Support to the European Union for Innovation and Social Economy, Mr. Fernando Amaro, Director of the Social Economy Department at Banco Montepio, Mr. Jorge Rocha de Matos, CEO API Foundation, Mr. José Mendes, Secretary of State for Parliament, Mr. Felipe Santos, Dean of Católica Lisbon School of Business & Economics, Ms. Cláudia Pedra, CEO Stone Soup Consulting, Mr. Felipe Almeida, EMPIS Presidente, Ms. Inês Sequeira, Director of Social Innovation at Santa Casa de Misericórdia and Mr. Kim Kreilgaard, Head of the European Investment Bank (EIB).





Italy – Yasmin Volpato, Civil Diplomat, Provides Humanitarian Support in Turin During the Covid19 Pandemic

Photo of Civil Diplomat Jethro Yasmin Volpato

Yasmin Volpato the Influencer and Creator of the Never Alone Project @officialnerveralone Gives Humanitarian Support in Turin During the Covid19 Pandemic.

Italy went through a severe lockdown due to the pandemic. This situation restricted people from going out to the streets, hindering the carrying out of social work that was already happening in the country.

However, with Civil Diplomat Jethro International’s prerogative of access and neutrality to Civil Diplomat Yasmin Volpato, it was possible to supply the maintenance of some of these projects even during the pandemic.

In Turin, Italy, during the Covid 19 Pandemic, the TV presenter and model delivered food and consumer goods to elderly people who could not risk leaving their homes.

The videos with the humanitarian actions of @yasminvolpato Civil Diplomat Jethro and also creator of the @officialneveralone project can be seen below.

Finland – Francesca Giobbi Civil Diplomat Jethro Founder of Circular Economy Ecosystem

photo of francesca giobbi civil diplomat jethro

See How Freedomee a Circular Economy Ecosystem Can Reach and Help Thousands of Social Projects.

Do you know what the word collabocracy means?

Francesca Giobbi, Civil Diplomat Jethro and founder of the, a Circular Economy ecosystem, explains that “COLLABOCRACY FREEDOMEE” is to rebuild democracy through collaboration in economic and social relations, local and global.

The organization directs the percentage of all business transactions to hundreds of social projects. In this way, anyone can launch their product or service within the platform and choose the social institution that will receive the percentage of donations.

We all thanks the actions of the Civil Diplomat Jethro Francesca Giobbi for the financial resources allocated to the humanitarian proposal in support of Ukrainian refugees coordinated by Jethro International Civil Diplomacy.



England – Yasmin Volpato, Jethro Civil Diplomat, Influencer and Founder of @NeverAlone Project

Photo of Yasmin Volpato Civil Diplomat Jethro

Yasmin Volpato – Social Influencer and Jethro Civil Diplomat – in a Social Action for Ukraine.

It is the right time to engage in Social Actions! Yasmin Volpato @yasminvolpato, Civil Diplomat Jethro, influencer and creator of the Never Alone Project @officialneveralone is a TV presenter and model, famous for her posts about fashion, travel, family, and lifestyle.

She is also very active in social causes and in this action, from London, she organized support for Ukrainians by collecting donations that were sent in humanitarian aid.

The Civil Humanitarian Diplomat Jethro is accredited by international law, which allows him/her to act in society, on all continents, to attend and mediate conflicts, as well as to present proposals concerning the interests of citizens in relation to the State, Government, security forces and private entities.

It is a free diplomatic action, beyond the spheres of state, present in a multipolar space, where interpersonal relations rise to a preponderant place. Diplomacy, nowadays, is less in a sphere of government than in a logic of influence.


Portugal – Civil Diplomacy Jethro Values Culture at Casino Estoril in Portugal

Jethro Civil Diplomacy cultural evento Cassino Estoril

Launch Event Caminho dos Sentimentos a poetry work at Casino Estoril in Portugal.

At the largest casino in Europe, the launch event of the literary work Path of FeelingsCaminho dos Sentimentos (in Portuguese) – authored by Colonel and Civil Diplomat Dr. Agostinho Lopes. The work had a preface written by the President and CEO of Jethro International.

Agostinho Lopes immortalizes, in an intimate contrast, the deepest feelings of life: friendship, pain, compassion, doubt, loneliness, joy, sadness, jealousy, passion, love, love and love. It connects life with the sea, sky, sun and moonlight. The art of dreaming by Agostinho Lopes, added to his natural ability to play with words, manages to enchant us to such an extent that we almost feel invited to enter his soul as real protagonists. The scene is alive and looks real. Having crossed and lived with the artistic and cultural environment in more than fifty countries, I realized and consider that all this work is unique, but there are those that are more unique, and this book is worthy of that epithet. (From the preface by Renato Freire).

The event at the Casino Estoril was attended by the European Director of Civil Diplomacy Jethro Dr. Bruno Costa, that on the occasion delivered the Humanitarian Social Responsibility Seal to the author and to the president of the Monocromia Publishing House. The editors allocated a percentage of financial resources from the book’s sales to humanitarian aid for Ukrainians.


Photos by Antônio Costa