USA – Chicago: Civil Diplomat Nuno Covacich attends RSNA 2022 the Global Radiology Forum

RSNA 2022 Banner

RSNA 2022 is the Global Radiology Forum 108th Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting for the Radiological Society of North America in Chicago.

Civil Diplomat Jethro Nuno Covacich will attend the RSNA 2022, Scientific & Annual Meeting, with the mission of presenting the new Civil Diplomat Jethro Badges. Upon his return, he will share the knowledge and new technologies with hundreds of Civil Diplomats working in the medical field and related areas.

Above all, this is an opportunity to view the latest medical imaging technology — illustrating the dynamic role imaging plays in disease management, multidisciplinary collaboration, and patient care.


Africa – Mozambique: European Civil Diplomat Moves Forward with Children’s Aid Center

Children assisted by the project in Mozambique

Civil Diplomat Dr. Helessandro Oliver has been developing, for many years, a humanitarian project to aid children in Mozambique – Africa.


In the beginning, the project served an average of 250 children, focusing on the pillars of education and health.

The Civil Diplomat’s determination and resilience in Mozambique make the project reach 750 children.

But the good news comes now. The President of Mozambique – Filipe Nyusi – adopted the project from the Civil Diplomat with the proposal to build a new complex that will support thousands of children.

President Filipe Nyusi and the Civil Diplomat at a meeting to implement the Viva a Vida Project – Africa of My Dreams – A New Hope for Mozambique, a self-sustainable pilot project that aims to:

Implement a self-sustaining aid system for the population. We serve school-aged children, adults, and orphans. We will provide technical and professional training for the population in general and children in the young-adult phase. Decrease hunger and provide a promising future.

The Government will donate the land to build schools, farms, and a hospital. Civil Diplomat Helessandro, his team, and other professionals will make the complex a new reality in Africa.

The Viva a Vida Project intends to expand throughout all of Africa.

Jethro Civil Diplomats Together Preparing the New Content for Europe. Watch the Making Of

Photo of camera view jethro making of scaled

Civil Diplomats Jethro from different European countries gathered to the making of the new content of Civil Diplomacy exclusively for Europe.

Throughout the entire pleasant day, Civil Diplomats Jethro from different European countries gathered to the making of for the new content of Civil Diplomacy exclusively for Europe. It was a full day producing the content in 6 languages: French, German, English, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese.

Professor Dr. Claudia Pontes, the general coordinator of the content, attended the event and told us that the material had been written from European theoretical and historical references on Civil Diplomacy.

This material is now available for Jethro Civilian Diplomats in the exclusive area of Diplomat Central. 

Germany – President of Germany and Gerson Freire Civil Diplomat Jethro at the World Council in Germany

Photo of WCC Germany 2022 Hillert scaled

Gerson Freire Civil Diplomat Jethro at the Worldwide 14th Assembly in Germany.

The event expresses solidarity and urges advocacy for the human rights and self-determination of Indigenous Peoples worldwide.

The current President of Germany, Frank-Walter Steinmeier, delivered his speech during the ceremony. 

Civil Diplomat Jethro Gerson Freire attended the council presenting meaningful collaborations. The result of the debates at the world assembly will be handed over to the UN (United Nations).

The World Council (WCC) is the broadest and most inclusive among the many organized expressions of leadership from more than 120 countries and territories throughout the world.


Israeli Lieutenant Colonel Yehuda Hochmann Received Martin Luther King Award at Jethro Civil Diplomat

Photo of Mr. Yehuda Hochmann Martin Luther King Award

Israeli Lieutenant Colonel Yehuda Edmond Hochmann received top recognition from Civil Diplomat Jethro

Israeli Lieutenant Colonel Yehuda Edmond Hochmann received top recognition from Civil Diplomat Jethro – The Martin Luther King Award in honor of Mr. King Jr.’s memory who received the Nobel Peace Prize for Human Rights, due to the years of work dedicated to guiding countless people in defense of peace, respect for others, and privileging love.


Brazil – The Embalmed Heart from the King of Portugal D. Pedro IV was received in Brazil – European Director of the Jethro Civil Diplomat and the President of Portugal attended the Ceremony.

Photo of Jethro na Esplanada do Congresso Nacional em Brasilia

The celebrations of the 200 years of the country’s independence and the received of The Kings Heart from Portugal D. Pedro IV.

On a visit to Brazil and the National Congress, the European Director of Civil Diplomat Jethro, Dr. Bruno Costa, participated in the Handover of the Heart of King Pedro IV, known as Pedro I in Brazil, to the President of Brazil in August this year.

The President of the Republic of Portugal Marcelo Rebelo de Sousa attended the Ceremony that showcased an air show and State Honors.

The Heart of the King kept in the Lapa Church in Porto, Portugal, was handed over to Brazil as part of the celebrations of the 200 years of the country’s independence.


Belgium – We thank Your Majesty, King Philippe for the invitation directed to the Jethro Civil Diplomat

Jethro Civil Diplomacy at the Celebration of the Belgian National Day.

We thank Your Majesty, King Philippe of Belgium, for the invitation directed to the Jethro Civil Diplomat and the President of The Soul of Europe , Dr. Patrick Van den Eede, for the celebration of the Belgian National Day: celebrated since 21 July 1831, a date that dates back to the day when Leopold I took the constitutional oath and became the 1st King of Belgium. We congratulate Dr. Patrick Van den Eede for his speech representing our organisation Jethro in Europe, as well as the European Director Mr. Bruno Costa.


United Kingdom – Civil Diplomacy Jethro International at the House of Lords British Parliament

Photo of Ms. Francesca Giobbi giving an interview

Directly from the UK at the House of Lords a Collaborative Circular Economy Event.

Directly from the United Kingdom, at the House of Lords of the English Parliament, the Civil Diplomat and CEO of the FreedomeE platform Francesca Giobbi promoted the hybrid event about Collaborative Circular Economy.

The forum presented discussions about for innovation and sustainability. The topics covered Humanizing the Economy, Collaborative Economy, Environmental Education, Inclusion through Sport, and Humanizing Technology.

During the event, Mrs. Francesca Giobbi, was granted with the maximum recognition of the Jethro International Civil Diplomacy – Martin Luther King Award, for the relevant services provided in humanitarian causes.

One of the Jethro´s goals is to identify relevant leaders in society with participatory practices in social actions. According to Bruno Costa, Director of Europe Jethro International, the work developed by Ms. Francesca Giobbi has a high degree of social responsibility, as it directs resources to various philanthropic entities.

Civil Diplomat Jethro Venuste Alexandre Nshimiymana, Heads of State, the Queen Representative and representatives of philanthropic entities attended at the event.

Special thanks to Civil Diplomat Jethro Leandro Marcondes for the fundamental support in holding the event. Leandro Marcondes is president and founder of A Success Experience , a company dedicated in personal, professional and financial development. Organizer of international lectures with references in the business world, such as T. Harv Eker, Jordan Belfort, who inspired the movie “The Wolf of Wall Street” and Nick Vujicic.

Brussels – Jethro Establishing the World Headquarters of Civil Diplomat Jethro.Org and Visiting the European Parliament, the European Commission and NATO.

Civil Diplomat Jethro.Org World Headquarters in Brussels, Belgium.

It took six days of hard work and many contacts to define the strategic location of Civil Diplomat Jethro.Org in Brussels.

The purpose is to reinforce the connection between the Jethro directors of the European countries in a strategic place where the directions of the European Union are maiden.

The Entourage of Civil Diplomats Jethro had been welcomed by the Head of Security of the European Parliament leading to the presentation of the entire structure of the European Parliament.

The Entourage of Diplomats also visited the European Commission and NATO World Headquarters.



Portugal – Civil Diplomacy Jethro Supports Culture at the National Palace of Mafra

Photo of congratulations to the author colonel José Geraldo

Civil Diplomat Dr. José Geraldo Author of the Book Amor & Saudade at the Nacional Palace of Mafra.

We congratulate Civil Diplomat Jethro, Dr. Colonel José Geraldo at the launch the relevant literary work Amor & Saudade (Love & Missing in english).

The Diplomat Colonel José Geraldo holds a degree in Military Science from the Military Academy, a Master’s in Military History, and a Ph.D. in Defense, History, and International Relations from the Military Academy and ISCTE.

He is also the author of The Napoleonic Invasions – From the Royal Family’s Ida to Brazil to the Torres Lines: 1807-1811, one of the references work for the making of the movie Lines of Wellington.

The presentation by the famous actor and friend of the author João de Carvalho was magnificent. The event was attended by the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces of Portugal and the Minister of Defence, General Artur Pina Monteiro, a member of NATO’s strategic command.

The launch took place at the Mafra National Palace, also known as the Mafra Convent, with its beautiful architecture in the Baroque style of German and Roman influence. The palace has 1,200 rooms, more than 4,700 doors and windows, 156 staircases, and 29 courtyards and halls. In 2019, the construction was the subject of the work Memorial do Convento, by José Saramago.

Photos by Antônio Costa