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Italy – Yasmin Volpato, Civil Diplomat, Provides Humanitarian Support in Turin During the Covid19 Pandemic

Photo of Civil Diplomat Jethro Yasmin Volpato

Yasmin Volpato the Influencer and Creator of the Never Alone Project @officialnerveralone Gives Humanitarian Support in Turin During the Covid19 Pandemic.

Italy went through a severe lockdown due to the pandemic. This situation restricted people from going out to the streets, hindering the carrying out of social work that was already happening in the country.

However, with Civil Diplomat Jethro International’s prerogative of access and neutrality to Civil Diplomat Yasmin Volpato, it was possible to supply the maintenance of some of these projects even during the pandemic.

In Turin, Italy, during the Covid 19 Pandemic, the TV presenter and model delivered food and consumer goods to elderly people who could not risk leaving their homes.

The videos with the humanitarian actions of @yasminvolpato Civil Diplomat Jethro and also creator of the @officialneveralone project can be seen below.

Communication Civil Diplomat Jethro
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